Jolly Ol’ Elf Display

H – 8″ W – 21.5″ D – 5.5″


Inspired by the poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas,” published anonymously by
Clement Clarke Moore in the New York Sentinel on December 23, 1823.

Jolly Ol’ Elf Clock
H – 8″ W – 21.5″ D – 5.5″
The Jolly Ol’ Elf Display with a functioning clock in the face of the moon.
 Jolly Ol’ Elf Lamp
H – 22″   W – 21″   D – 7.5″
Let our Jolly Ol’ Elf Display light up your home! Features the timeless poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas” engraved on the shade. (Left, back, and right sides, respectively, displayed below.)
8 Tiny Reindeer

H – 4.5″ W – 4.5″

An ornament for each reindeer from Clement Clarke Moore’s poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas,” and one for the Jolly Ol’ Elf himself!

 Jolly Ol’ Elf
Dasher – Green
Dancer – Green

Prancer – Blue

Vixen – Blue

Comet – Purple

Cupid – Purple

Donner – Red

Blitzen – Red