Each of these cottages is exclusive to official Colonial Williamsburg gift shops in Williamsburg, VA. These are tiny, semi-scale replicas of real life buildings you can visit in Colonial Williamsburg. See if you can recognize them by their signs—each cottage features an accurate portrayal of the shop’s sign.

We will be continuing to expand the line to other historic buildings in Colonial Williamsburg.


Shoemaker’s Shop

Where is the gingerbread man?

How many shoes are there?

  • 42
  • 26
  • 59
  • or 35?

Do you know what a “cobbler” is? (Aside from a popular dessert!) Can you find the cobbler’s bench?

Can you spot the shoemaker’s tool box? The leather they use?

Ayscough House – Gunsmith


 Can you find the gingerbread man?

What’s a treadle lathe? Can you find the one belonging to this gunsmith?

A barrel and rifle boring tool are also essential parts of the gunsmithing process. Can you find the ones hidden in this cottage?



Greenhow Tenement – Weaver


Careful not to prick your finger! Can you find the spinning wheel?

Can you spot the loom and fabric stand?


Taliaferro – Cole Shop – Joiner


Do you know what a joiner is? See if you can figure it out by finding these tools:

    • wood clamp
    • mallet
    • shake
    • plane
    • saw
    • rule
    • shave
    • square
    • two work benches
Durfey – Tailor Shop 


There’s a lot to find in this cottage. Help ye olde tailors find their tools:


    • pitcher
    • bowl
    • 3 jars
    • 6 balls of yarn
    • shipping barrel
    • 12 spools of thread
    • 3 rolls and 85 bolts of fabric
Barber Shop
Only the latest styles!


    • 7 hat boxes
    • 6 hats
    • 1 head form
    • hair braiding tool
    • 3 bottles of dye
    • shipping barrel
    • 21 wigs

Cottage Tealight Displays

(GCD105WL, GCD105WS)


These displays light up your individual cottages with a warm glow.