We love to see how you decorate your home with our products! We keep this page updated with as many as we can. If you’d like to show us how you decorate with your Ginger Cottages, music boxes, or displays, you can send them via our Facebook page, or email them to Customer Support.





Pete and Jody Hogan

“The Gingers have been working their buttons off all year. More to come next year.”

Sharon Castellucio

We enjoyed receiving this collection of little photos!

Tracy Childs

“My collection continues to grow!”
“Gingercottageville had a bit of a blizzard this year.”

Patricia Elliot Keefer

An Alpine village, resting on our Mountain Retreat display.

Robin Slacks

A busy North Pole village on our Arch display!

Pam Mann

    One of our very own elves! We love the addition of the gingerbread man garland!