The new Halloween Ginger Boo! Cottages are here. Collect them all… if you dare.
NEW! Dr. Roscoe’s Voodoo Shack
One of our newest additions. Here’s how we can get you under our spell.
NEW! Cousin Buzz’s
Spooky Saw Mill
Another new addition that’s really a cut above.
Haunted Mansion
Enter at your own risk; there are 2 bats 2 spiders, a ghost, and a zombie in this mansion.

There are also 5 skulls 4 jack-o-lanterns, a witch hat, a coffin and a cat.


Haunted Funhouse
Beware! The Grim Reaper, a zombie, 3 bats, and a ghost are lurking inside this cottage!


Creepy Hollow


Creepy Cemetery
We hear there is a ghost and a zombie haunting this cemetery…

You can also find 2 cats, 4 crosses, a jack-o- lantern, and a bat.



Barn O’ Bats
Dracula, 15 bats, 2 cats, and ghost are hidden in this cottage.

You can also find a cute little witch and a jack-o-lantern



Haunted Pumpkin Patch
Can you find the crow and the cat that live in this pumpkin patch?
Spooky Tree


Creepy Clock
The Count’s Estate Clock 
4 Ginger Boo! Halloween cottages included.
Spooky Tealight Display (Small and Large)
(GCD105BS, GCD105BL)
With orange flickering light(s).