The new Halloween Ginger Boo! Cottages are here.  

Collect them all… if you dare.

NEW! Witches Convention
(H 3.5 X W 2.75″)
Witching you a very haunted Halloween!
NEW! Haunted Hair Bootique
(H 3.25 X W 3.0″)
Our razor cut could Be PERManent


Haunted Mansion
(H 4.75 X W 3.75″)
Enter at your own risk; there are 2 bats 2 spiders, a ghost, and a zombie in this mansion. There are also 5 skulls
4 jack-o-lanterns, a witch hat, a coffin and a cat.

Haunted Funhouse
Beware! The Grim Reaper, a zombie, 3 bats, and
a ghost are lurking inside this cottage!


Creepy Hollow
(H 4.5 X W 8.25)


Creepy Cemetery
(H4.4 XW4.0)
We hear there is a ghost and a zombie haunting this cemetery…You can also find 2 cats, 4 crosses, a jack-o- lantern, and a bat.


Barn O’ Bats
(H 3.5 X W 4.5)
Dracula, 15 bats, 2 cats, and ghost are hidden in this cottage. You can also find a cute little witch and a jack-o-lantern


Haunted Pumpkin Patch
(H3.5 X W 4.25)
Can you find the crow and
the cat that live in this pumpkin patch?
Spooky Tree
(H 5.5 X W 5.0)
Dr. Roscoe’s Voodoo Shack
(H 3.50 X W 3.75″)
One of our newest additions. Here’s how we can get you under our spell.
Cousin Buzz’s
Spooky Saw Mill
(H 3.0 X W 4.50″)
Another new addition that’s really a cut above.


Creepy Clock
The Count’s Estate Clock 
4 Ginger Boo! Halloween cottages included.
Spooky Tealight Display
(Small and Large)
(GCD105BS, GCD105BL)
With orange flickering light(s).