These cottages were designed in collaboration with Lee Shephard of Gingerhaus, makers of beautifully elaborate gingerbread house kits. 100 of each cottage were made, each featuring the little mascot from Gingerhaus’ “Bake-Your-Dog-A-Bone” kits.


  • Bakery: What’s baking inside the oven? Can you find all 7 bones?
  • Pet Store: Can you find all 19 pawprints? Do you see all 4 cats? One of them loves to look at the birds.
  • Mill: Somebody is ready for those bones to be done! But one bone appears to be stuck in the machinery! Do you see it? There are 20 other bones to be found.
  • Doghouse: Someone must have been a good dog! What does the little dog have hidden in his doghouse?