About Us
At TRC Designs, we closely guard the sanctity of making memories. Our mission is to deliver unique, high-quality, made- in-USA products centered around precious Christmas memories. Each cottage is hand-assembled start to finish in central Virginia, and is guaranteed to excite and fascinate your family.
We are honored and proud to be living the American Dream. Our company has grown from a beloved pastime housed in a garage into a thriving business.
Glenn Crider began handcrafting nutcrackers and wooden toys almost 40 years ago as a hobby, and counted himself lucky to break even at the craft shows he visited.
But when he lost his job after the 2008 recession, this hobby became the only option to sustain him and his family. Citing his mantra “failure is not an option,” Glenn experimented with different types of products for the first few years—from engraved wine glasses to small ornaments.
In 2010, he was struck with an idea that would prove his most incredible yet. The first five Ginger Cottages were designed, and exceeded sales expectations four times over. In the years since, we have continued to grow exponentially, creating new Christmas memories with the people we’ve met along the way.

Each of our products is made with meticulous care by the hands of our assemblers, or “elves,” as we like to call them. We celebrate roles and famous figures both German and American, and hide little pieces of history and enchanting fairy tales in each product.

We hope that our products will fill you with warmth from good times, past and present.
We Make Memories
-The Elves at TRC Designs, Inc.
TRC Designs, Inc. Green Initiatives
TRC Designs, Inc. is committed to a brighter, more sustainable future. Many of our grandparents and great-grandparents would find use for things rather than throwing them out, and we maintain the same “waste not, want not” way of thinking.


    1. Reduce. We are continually reducing our carbon footprint through the use of made in USA supplies and machinery, sourcing these as locally as we can find. We also use a water-based stain on our products, rather than oil-based.
    2. Reuse. Many of our assemblers take leftover materials to daycares, schools, and churches in the community for children to use to exercise their creativity and practice fine motor skills. We also use cardboard boxes from local sources again and again.
    3. Recycle. Materials we can’t reuse are recycled whenever possible.


We continue to research and talk to those in our business and community network, looking for new ways we can help keep America beautiful.