Gutzon Borglum, the designer of the Mt. Rushmore sculpture, had this studio built in 1939 at a strategic vantage point which allowed him a full view of the mountainside. This was his base of operation for the project until his death in 1941, when his son, Lincoln Borglum, took over until the project ran out of funding later that year. Thus, only the presidents’ heads are depicted in the rock. The sculptor’s studio is now an exhibit open for tourists to visit.


  • Can you find 2 gingerbread men and 2 sculptor’s mallets?
  • Each of the presidents has lost something. Can you find all 4 items, and figure out who they belong to?
    • A top hat
    • A pen
    • A silver dollar
    • A stuffed bear

Read more about the Mt. Rushmore Sculptor’s Studio on the Mt. Rushmore website.