Gingerman’s Christmas Adventure


Our Christmas Eve story finds our little hero has fallen from the sleigh during a tight roof top landing in the tiny town of Gingerville. As the little fellow climbs from the snow bank, Santa arrives just in time to save the day. Taken inside to warm by the fire, reclaim his buttons, and receive a new pair of chocolate britches, Gingerman is certain to surprise a good little boy or girl on Christmas day.


This book is written by the designer of Ginger Cottages, Glenn Crider, and incorporates many of the design features of the magical little cottages. Illustrations are by Jamie Cosley, also a native Virginian and the perfect partner for this wonderful project. Jamie is an up-and-coming, world-class illustrator whose talents have only just begun to be discovered. Jamie and Glenn, as you might expect, have hidden hundreds of little secrets in the book that are sure to entertain children of all ages.