Ginger Cottage Secrets
Remember when you were a child? The anticipation of Christmas morning almost matched the thrill you got when it finally arrived. What would be underneath that wrapping paper?  Did Santa leave what you were hoping for in your stocking?
Similarly, few of us bought Cracker Jack snacks for the popcorn, we were really itching to see what the prize was inside. We later enjoyed sharing the complexity and challenge of Where’s Waldo? books.
The joy of discovery is what inspires our products. Every Ginger Cottage is filled with little secrets and details like this for you and your loved ones to find. Each cottage is has a small hole on its underside designed to borrow a standard bulb from your Christmas tree. Upon lighting your cottage, you’ll discover the first secret—a tiny scene inside.
But that’s just the beginning. Throughout the collection you’ll find all sorts of surprises inspired by both German and American history… maybe hidden in the bricks of the sidewalk or a corner you might not expect.
Wherever they are, we guarantee they’ll pique your interest, bring back memories, and make you smile.
Click to download a PDF of all our cottage secrets.


Our logo changes slightly every year, and so our cottages are self-documenting. Which edition do you have? Check the bottom of your cottages to find out!